Experience a rejuvenated appearance and more even skin tone with a PicoPigment treatment at Empire Eye and Laser Center in Bakersfield. The PicoSure® laser uses three wavelengths to treat a variety of pigmentary conditions, including age spots, freckles, and brown patches. During a free consultation, an Aesthetic Team Member will discuss your concerns and create a treatment regime to help you achieve pigment-free skin fast.

Melanin gives us our skin color. Pigmented lesions including sunspots, age spots, and brown patches, are dark in color because the melanin is concentrated in one area of the skin. Most pigmented lesions come from sun exposure while some patients are born with them. Hormonal changes can also induce pigment changes in the skin.

To improve the look of your skin and achieve a more youthful appearance by removing pigmented lesions will require only a few treatments. Darker, deeper, and larger pigmented lesions may require additional treatments; however, during the consultation, we will discuss treatment expectations with you.

Most patients find the procedure tolerable and require no numbing cream or anesthesia. PicoSure delivers energy in ultra-short bursts, and patients often compare the laser pulse to a snap of a thin rubber band.

After the procedure, the treatment area may be tender. It is important to keep the area clean and to avoid any irritation. We will provide additional aftercare instructions as needed to ensure a quick recovery.

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