We are happy to work with doctors in the community to provide quality ophthalmology and facial aesthetic care to our entire community. If you would like to refer a patient to Empire Eye and Laser Center, simply call 661-325-3937; and our staff will be happy to set up a prompt appointment for your patient.

We do offer a convenient form that you can simply fill out and give to the patient. This handout includes our contact information and maps to both of our locations. If your staff makes the appointment while the patient is still at your office, there’s even a space on the sheet for that information.

Click to download a PDF of our referral form

If you have any questions about working with our doctors at Empire Eye and Laser Center, please call 661-325-3937 and ask for Sarah, our provider relations coordinator. Sarah has pre-printed referral forms, brochures, business cards, and other materials to help make your referrals a smooth and easy transition for your patients. Our goal is for your patients to come back to you and thank you for referring them to Empire Eye and Laser Center!