Empire Eye and Laser Center actively participates in several US Food and Drug Administration Phase III and Phase IV trials and studies. We have a special, standardized, and calibrated exam lane for our research evaluations. Directed by Dr. Daniel Chang, our participation premarket approval investigations means that our patients uniquely have access to technologies that may be years away for patients in the United States. The goal of all of these studies is safer and better outcomes for our patients.

Current projects include work in the following areas:

  • Visual outcomes, functional outcomes, and patient satisfaction in patients with multifocal IOLs
  • Improving IOL refractive outcomes with multiple repeated biometry measurements
  • Intraoperative and postoperative alignment and centration of IOLs
  • Investigating next generation multifocal IOL technology

Being a patient at Empire Eye and Laser Center means that you have access to the very best medical and surgical eye care that is currently available.

Here is a list of past and current clinical research studies at Empire Eye and Laser Center. If you are interested in participating in clinical research, please call our office at 661-325-3937 and ask for Jacque, our Research Coordinator.

Current Research Studies

Summer 2017:

Past Research Studies

Summer 2015:  Evaluated an investigational instrument for eye examinations.

Improving intraocular lens centration, and its effects on visual outcomes.

Long term positional stability of intraocular lens implants.

Accuracy of intraocular lens power calculations with repeated biometry.

Visual performance and patient satisfaction of a multifocal intraocular lens under high and low-light situations.

Fall 2012: New FDA Phase III intraocular lens trial for patients with visually significant cataracts who are interested in reducing their need for glasses after surgery.