At Empire Eye and Laser Center, our Dry Eye & Allergy Clinic is available to test for the 60 most common allergens native to the Kern County area and detect the underlying cause of your dry eye or blepharitis.

After your allergen(s) and/or dry eye causes have been identified, one of our highly trained doctors will customize a treatment plan and help you to prevent future attacks of your allergic conjunctivitis.

Chronic dry eye and blepharitis symptoms can include vision fluctuation, grittiness or scratchiness, soreness or irritation, burning, watering, eyelid redness, crusting around lashes and lid irritation.  If you have one or more of these symptoms see one of our highly trained specialists to evaluate you for dry eyes or blepharitis.  Our office offers the newest in-office treatment options.

Learn about our latest treatment options, Lipiflow by Tearscience and IPL for ocular rosacea! We are excited to be the first and only practice in Bakersfield to offer these latest advancements in Dry Eye treatment options.  

End the suffering and schedule an appointment at 661-325-EYES (3937).