Tired of under eye bags?  Overtime some people dislike the appearance of the lower eyelid area. They often report “puffiness” around the eyes. Symptoms can vary by the time of day. The best solution is a lower eyelid Blepharoplasty procedure.

The most commonly done lower eyelid surgery is a transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty. In contrast with the uppers, lower eyelids take less time, approximately 15 minutes. There is no skin incision, so there are no stitches and no external scarring. The orbital fat pads are removed (the anatomy that causes the under-eye bags). Complications, such as excessive bleeding, are rare.

Lower blepharoplasty is commonly combined with upper eyelid surgery. Combined surgeries have advantages for recovery time, convenience, and cost.

Complete Lower Eyelid Rejuvenation with our without Volume Restoration

Some people may benefit from skin tightening, in addition to the standard lower blepharoplasty. Laser Skin Resurfacing is the best method to achieve dramatic improvement with maximal safety.

The laser treatment takes approximately 15 minutes and can be performed alone or together with upper and/or lower eyelid surgery. It is performed under general anesthesia under the care of an anesthesiologist.

Preoperatively, patients dislike the appearance of the lower eyelid-cheek areas (also known as the lid-cheek junction. They may notice the “bags” and/or the “gray circles” around the eyes. The “bags” are addressed with Lower Blepharoplasty. The dark circles result from a loss of volume at the lid-cheek junction due to mid-face descent.



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