Many of the cosmetic effects of aging are due to the over-action of certain facial muscles that can lead to raised contracting and bundling of the overlying skin–commonly known as wrinkles. FDA approval of agents like BOTOX Cosmetic, Dysport, have given us the ability to selectively relax these muscles in order to reduce wrinkles and to provide a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Type of Wrinkles

Crows feet wrinkles can form around the outer aspects of the eyelids. These are due to the over-action of the underlying orbicularis oculi muscle–a thin layer of muscle just underneath the skin that helps the eye to blink. The shallow nature of these muscles results in multiple, fine wrinkles.

Additionally, frown lines frequently form between the eyebrows. This is frequently associated with over-action of the glabeller muscles–deeper muscles that move larger portions of the face. The deeper nature of these muscles result in larger, more pronounced wrinkles.

The Effect of Muscle Relaxation

When the constant contraction of these muscles are relaxed, the overlying skin becomes smoother. High-potency injectable agents provide the distinct advantage of being able to be highly selective about which muscles to block.

For example, by using small shallow injections, the thin, superficial orbicularis muscles can be relaxed, and crows feet are reduced.

Similarly, by placing the injections deeper, the glabellar muscles can be relaxed, and the frown lines can be reduced.

As with all Aesthetic and Eyelid and Facial Rejuvenation procedures, the relative effect of using relaxing agents such as BOTOX Cosmetic must be considered in the context of your entire face. Everyone’s needs and goals are different, and more is not always better. Similar to a paintbrush in the hands of an artist, BOTOX Cosmetic is just a tool in the hands of the artist. Anyone can inject BOTOX, but to ensure a balanced and aesthetically-pleasing outcome, you need the right physician.

Our aesthetics providers have the eye to envision your final outcome, the patience and desire to work with you on your goals, and the experience with the fine intricacies of the treatment options.

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