Empire Eye and Laser Center is proud to be the first in the south Central Valley to offer Laser Cataract Surgery–the next generation in cataract surgery technology. For the first time, laser technology previously developed for LASIK vision correction is available to patients undergoing cataract surgery.

Cataract surgery involves removing the eye’s aging and cloudy lens and replacing it with a clear intraocular lens implant. With Laser Cataract Surgery, some of the most intricate and delicate steps of cataract surgery can be completed with the speed and precision of a laser and offers customized treatment options. The video below provides detailed explanation of each step of Laser Cataract Surgery.

A consultation appointment is required for a full evaluation prior to scheduling any surgery. A cataract consultation appointment will include extensive diagnostic testing and advanced measurements by our trained staff, as well as a thorough ophthalmic examination and consultation with Dr. Chang to determine if you are a candidate for this surgical procedure.

At the time of treatment, the laser scans the cornea (front part of the eye) and the cataract in three dimensions. It then uses the reconstructed image to guide a customized treatment. The goal of the laser is better predictability, safer surgery, increased efficiency, and improved visual outcomes. Laser Cataract Surgery is just one of many ways in which Empire Eye and Laser Center is committed to provide you with the best outcomes possible.

Come See What Dr. Daniel H. Chang and Laser Cataract Surgery Can Do for You!

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