Nurse Practitioner

Lhaarnie H. Rasing Camat is a proud CSUB graduate. She received both her undergraduate and postgraduate degree with an emphasis in nursing. Lha has been a Registered Nurse for eight years and has specialized half of her career in Medical Aesthetics. She worked as a Registered Nurse in both the Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit. Her love and passion to help others has lead her to continue her schooling to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. She has worked as a Lead Nurse Practitioner for the past two years helping her patients achieve their personal aesthetic goals.

Lha is a Bakersfield local who is sought after for her dedication to her craft in the cosmetic and medical field. She is a skin care guru, the founder of Bakersfield Cleft Cuties, and a proud YouTube Vlogger. Her work can be best described as a work of art and you are her canvas. Her motto, as a past Mrs. Bakersfield Contestant, is “finding the beauty that is within all of us”. Lha believes in making her patients feel their best inside and out–in self care, preventative care, and most importantly loving yourself.