Dr. Daniel Chang speaks at American Academy of Ophthalmology
Empire Eye and Laser Center, Bakersfield, CA
Empire Eye and Laser Center, Bakersfield, CA
Dr Daniel Chang lectures at Midwestern University

Proud to introduce 
to the South Central Valley--
the next generation of technology in the field of cataract surgery.



SEE Better

LASIK, cataract surgery, multifocal IOLs

Like never before, Dr. Daniel Chang can help you to achieve your personal best vision. Whether through cutting-edge all laser blade free LASIK or the latest cataract removal and lens implant techniques to help you to reduce your need for bifocals or reading glasses, Dr. Chang, the team of doctors, and staff at Empire Eye and Laser Center can help you to see your best.

LOOK Better

BOTOX, Juvederm, blepharoplasty

In this day of modern aesthetic and oculoplastic surgery, you need the skill and experience of Dr. Joseph Chang to help you to achieve your aesthetic goals and desires. Together, you will determine what procedure (or combination of procedures) would move you closer to the Look that you want!

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Now that a new school year is starting, be sure you have the facts about conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye, and how to prevent it.

Parents' Quick Guide to Pink Eye - Eye M.D.-approved information from EyeSmart
According to a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control, more than 164 million school days are missed annually in US public schools due to the spread of infectious diseases. An astonishing- 3 million of those school days are lost as a result of acute conjunctivitis . . . also kno…